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Friday, December 26, 2014

Candlewick Schoolhouse

I have decided to dedicate a space for blogging just about our homeschooling journey.  I will soon begin posting over at Candlewick Schoolhouse.  This space will contain information about homeschooling in general, the path that led us toward schooling at home, and our on-going adventures in "self-learning".

This will NOT be a blog about how well-manicured, perfectly planned, and idealistic our homeschooling lives are.   I want to share a realistic, honest view of what educating at home looks and feels like.  It is a natural extension of our lives, not the "perfect"/ photo-cropped  version of learning that some blog writers try to portray.  This is not a place where I will boast endlessly of how
"super-intelligent" my child is or how "evil" other forms of education are.  Instead, my aim is to offer a glimpse into our daily lives.  I hope to encourage, inform, and offer a place of communicative sharing.  For those who might be starting to consider homeschooling, I aim to offer direction.  For those who are quite content with other types of education, my desire is to offer a greater understanding of what this fast-growing movement is about. 

                                              Thank you for joining me, Sojourners!

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