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Friday, December 26, 2014


This Advent we tried something different.  My new sister-in -law is Polish; therefore, we wanted to weave a few Polish traditions into our celebration. I am so grateful we did, for we discovered a lovely ritual that we will continue to incorporate into our family custom.  During the Christmas meal,  an extra place setting is prepared. This is in honor of a "stranger" or passer-by who might need a place of comfort and rest.  A simple a gesture, yes, but what a lovely symbol of hospitality. 
                                            We also set about making gingerbread cookies...
                                                 And we enjoyed a simple Advent picnic.
This time of year lends itself to thoughts of nostalgia.  We return to the same comforting customs year after year.   There is something innate that pulls us to reflect upon where we come from.  There are cultural traditions that identify us, and personal customs that distinguish us. 
                                                What are the traditions that you hold dear? 



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