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Monday, December 15, 2014

Raising up a boy

My little fella' is turning 9 this week.  "How swiftly go the years..."  We will provide a few modest gifts for him, but I thought I would concentrate on the non-tangibles that we hope to impart.  These are the gifts that won't become broken or discarded...these are the aim of raising up a boy...

*Connection to past-  My grandmother's antique sewing machine sits in our front room. It anchors my favorite "nook" of our home.  My Grandma Boat passed away when I was a young child, so my memories of her are few; however, I remember her memorized nursery rhymes...her sewing kit (always over-flowing with notions)...the lingering smell of  Coty face powder...her favorite statement, "Listen to the birds"... These and other memories are shared, discussed, passed down to our son.

*Preparation for the future- We aim to guide him in skills that will lead into manhood.  He needs to learn not only math and history, but also compassion and bravery.  We must impart the opportunity to learn determination and grit. He needs the foundation of a healthy understanding of finances.  He will learn that both success and loss are on the path of "raisin' up". 

*Contentment in this moment-  What a gift we offer our child when we teach contentment.  It is our aim to impart an example of contentment- in the good, and not so good.  After all, it is easy to be content when all is rosy, but when we have difficulties or loss, contentment becomes more elusive.  Indeed, this lesson is always in journey vs. arrival mode.

                                                                 I'm enjoying these years!

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