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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Something is a Brewing

We have had this deep stew pot sitting atop our stove for a couple of weeks now.  Our kitchen does become a bit of a science lab at times.  I am experimenting with making vinegar.  We had tubs of apples given to us by a dear neighbor.  After making applesauce, we saved the cores and peelings.  Honestly, we weren't certain what we would do with them, but could not just discard them.  So, we our now in the "trial and error" stage of making vinegar.  Our experiment may be a huge flop, but I think it's exciting to try.  If nothing else, it makes for an interesting science lesson. 
The "stuff" is definitely smelling like vinegar.  This week I will strain the mixture through cheesecloth and see what I end up with.  I have no intention of us consuming this "product", we would only use it for cleaning or disinfecting. 
Does anyone have experience making vinegar?  I would love any suggestions!

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