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Monday, December 22, 2014


To Take Aim; To Set on a Target

Last night we sat down together as a family to evaluate our "aims" for the upcoming year.  We do not make "resolutions", so to speak, but we do write down short and long term targets.  We make a list for the family unit and one per person.  We then brainstorm about what would we like to try, what would we like to accomplish, what we need to change, how we can serve others, and where we would like to travel.  It is so interesting to hear what each shares.  Some things mentioned are predictable (my husband and I both said we want to travel to Yellowstone), others are new insight (my son offered to try to better train our dog.  Yes, please!).  It also gives us an opportunity to see what each other's "dreams" look like.  For example, my son wants to learn more about robotics.  Although he might not be able to actively participate in a robotics league now,  we can do research, get brochures, etc. so that he has a long term aim.  It isn't a commitment, just a focus. 
My targets are broken down between personal, domestic life, and schooling.  Unlike many, we do not say things like "I want to read 3 books a week".  Some books are "bubble-gum" and can be chewed and spat out quickly; others are "sustenance" and need to be swallowed slowly.  Instead, the aim reads: "I will always have a book mark in use".  
I record our notes in our "family" notebook.  We can then revisit these during the year.  Some will be on mark, others will be altered or postponed.  It isn't intended to be a map, but a compass to point us in the right direction...

What are your aims for 2015?   I would love to hear from you...


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