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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Last year our family moved from Texas to Iowa.  Relocating provided an exciting opportunity for us to be near  my husband's family and plant "roots" in this wonderful Iowa soil.  This past year has proven to be a continuation of "transitioning" mode for our family.  We have continued to work diligently on creating a home out of our "foreclosure" house (it had sat empty for four years prior to us purchasing it).  We have continued to plod through unusual and trying work circumstances.  We have continued to transition into new friendships, new community,  and a new sense of "belonging".  Each of these areas has been an exercise in fortitude.  And yet, many precious lessons are learned by stretching out of our comfort zone.  I have had to learn "waiting", finding contentment in the midst of chaos, and the necessity of gratitude regardless of my circumstances.  I do not state this with boastful confidence, but with a heart humbled. 
The year 2014 is quickly fading; I look back with joy, and ahead with anticipation.

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