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Thursday, January 1, 2015


This week has been filled with activity.  Our son has been busy forming thank you notes.  I have been writing  "New Year's Letters" (instead of Christmas cards), and compiling lesson plans for the upcoming semester.  We are also "de-trimming" the tree (and household).

In addition, I have been preparing an outline for my blogging schedule.  I want to incorporate specific "daily routines" into the plan:
*Mondays will be my opportunity to share any weekly frugal accomplishments and/or conservation progress.
*Thursdays will be "Artsy Goodness" updates. This is the time when I share crafts, art, and architecture that we have created or explored during the week.
* I will participate in  "Photo Friday".  Fridays' posts will be a compilation of photos from the previous week without any words.
*I will also have a "Back to the Ode Days" routine.  This is my quirky take on poetry.  I will have "Odes to..." such things as laundry, hardware stores, spiders, etc. 
*In addition,  I will consistently write about my vintage finds, life in Iowa, perusing through books, and simple living. 
                                                            I hope you will join me!

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