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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Pause

Not only was the weather turbulent around here this past weekend, but our lives have proven to be as well.  It has become necessary for me to find an additional job; therefore, I will need to place a "pause" on blogging.  My attention must be acutely focused on job searching, interviewing, etc. in addition to maintaining my responsibilities to my current work and family. 

Although this blog is still in the infancy stage, I have so enjoyed getting to share here.  I have a notebook pad filled with ideas of topics for writing and a list of Iowan architecture that I was hoping to highlight. 

I did not begin writing on here to make a profit, but simply for personal enjoyment and growth.  Part of "growth" is having to put aside desires and face that which is imperative.  I will miss the little moments of quiet that I carved out for myself in order to post here.

Once I have a better idea of what my new schedule will look like, I hope to be able to squeeze in time to continue blogging.  However, until I have a better gauge of what the future might look like, I do not feel it is responsible for me to continue posting.  Each minute here is a minute away from job searching, working, or maintaining a family. 

Thank you so very much for allowing me to share a little slice of my life with you.  I hope to reconnect very, very soon. 

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