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Saturday, January 3, 2015


I relish the opportunity to cuddle up under a worn afghan and read.  This year I am inspired to keep a running list of the books I read (or re-read), as I do already for my son's schooling.  I normally "stumble" across the books that I read; however, this year I aim to be intentional about creating a book-choosing-routine for myself.  I will seek out books that I would normally not even consider reading, and give them a chance.  I will include fiction in my reading sources.  I have not read fiction in years (excluding The Story of God, The Story of Us).   I normally procure books that are biographical, educational, historical, or spiritual.  I want to stretch myself into trying different types of writing styles...different authors...different topics.  I intend to at least begin reading these; I will stop if I find them a waste of time!  So, here is the start of my reading list for 2015:

*No Compromise: The Life of Keith Green- Melody Green
*The Happiness Project- Gretchen Rubin
*So Long, See You Tomorrow- Maxwell
*Eat, Pray, Love- Elizabeth Gilbert
*Thinking- Kirby, Goodmaster
*Charlotte Mason Companion (re-read)- Karen Andreola
*ten ways to destroy the imagination of your child (re-read)- Esolen
*How Much is Enough?- Simon
*The Consequences of Ideas- Sproul
*How Should We Then Live? (re-read)- Schaeffer
*Lies My Teacher Told Me- James Loewen

I did "stumble" across several of these at our used book store.  However, I would not normally consider purchasing them, so I felt they qualified under the category of "give it a try".  I have discovered that I normally do not enjoy books that have come "highly recommended" by friends.  Perhaps we simply prefer different styles.  However, this year I will try books that others have recommended- and try them with an open mind. 

With that being said, which books do you most often recommend to your friends?

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